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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've finally finished potty training tystan i don't know what it was about him that made him not wanna do it but i drove me crazy!!!! I was trying to do the whole transition thing by letting him wear pullups and night and nap time but he was just being lazy when those were on soooo one Day i had had it i was done with the daipers pullups whatever and i said no more!! lol Josh looked at me like i was crazy and Trystan thought i was the biggest meany ever but two weeks later and only a few accidents we are done he goes without reminding he doesn't wet the bed and he tells us when we are out in public it's soo soo nice!!!!!! Also another awesome thing is we got it done before he turned three so when he goes into primary it's not going to be a big deal :-)..... Ok now about Michael I've been trying really hard to bring him out of his shyness but i'm not having much luck i hope when he starts school he'll just out of it on his own...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family photos

Every few months i torture my family with family photos and yes i know they hate it, but i want these memories forever sooooo tough luck boys lol michael was really hating pictures this time so we had to redu it another day. but ya my little family is so cute i love them we've been having so much fun the last couple months lots of trips to texas and utah and we've been potty training Trystan ugh for some reason he's been harder to potty train than michael... and then christmas is coming YAY we are soooo excited. i've cleaned out all the boys yucky or old toys to make room for the new and my kids are thinking i'm the devil right now lol but they we'll have fun with their new ones so i don't feel that bad. anywho here's are cute family photos taken november 28th and 30th

Monday, October 24, 2011

past month

So the past month has been a lot of park days and movie nights and i've loved it!! there is only a few months out of the year that is nice enough to do that, in vegas it's either to hot or to cold not a lot of the mid.

Movie nights are so fun my boys are crazy :) we do movie

night every friday and it's always a kid movie and we go to the

store and everyone gets to pick a treat so much fun..

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So this year we had our family reunion up at sundance and i've

gotta say SO MUCH FUN!!!

we made some fun memories up there

like how trystan and taylie would crack up everytime the camara flashed lol

and how much fun going on the sky lift was, how josh was so scared of

being up there and how i was totally leaning out lol.

also how when we got off trystan tried to run back and get back on :)

The three girls being picture fiends making everyone take pictures

with us and of us :)

And of course dad being the only one who didn't bring a plan white shirt.

It was such a fun time up there drinking hot chocolate eating treats and

food constantly lol and watching trent scorching the hair off his arms

starting the fire i want to never forget how much fun i have around my

family or how much they mean to me i'm so glad that we are now doing our

own reunions every year :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salt lake trip

Spent a week with my sisters and had a total blast!!

I really need to make it up there more often.

I got to hold my sweet new nephew Tyson isn't he the cutest!!!

Me and my funny, GoOfY, sisters :)

My funny little boys lol i love him so much he always makes me laugh..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun update!!

Shan had her baby on the 22nd and he's absolutly adorable.. I'm so excited to see him!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My wonderful brother

David our brave and wonderful brother flew out on

saturday we will miss him terribly until he

returns and we all wish for his safety.

It was a very emotional day for the entire family.watching our brother fly away and having to see his sweet wife crying and his baby asking where's daddy.

David told us all before he got on the plane to take care of charity and kennedi and we all promised we would.



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