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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've finally finished potty training tystan i don't know what it was about him that made him not wanna do it but i drove me crazy!!!! I was trying to do the whole transition thing by letting him wear pullups and night and nap time but he was just being lazy when those were on soooo one Day i had had it i was done with the daipers pullups whatever and i said no more!! lol Josh looked at me like i was crazy and Trystan thought i was the biggest meany ever but two weeks later and only a few accidents we are done he goes without reminding he doesn't wet the bed and he tells us when we are out in public it's soo soo nice!!!!!! Also another awesome thing is we got it done before he turned three so when he goes into primary it's not going to be a big deal :-)..... Ok now about Michael I've been trying really hard to bring him out of his shyness but i'm not having much luck i hope when he starts school he'll just out of it on his own...

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